I guess you can say I enjoy wearing a lot of hats. It’s not just “ideas”, it’s putting them into action and seeing them come to life. Whether that means developing team, increasing sales, or helping to solve bigger problems like cancer or systemic racism: I enjoy a challenge and doing whatever needs to be done to help.

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AkitaBox / Director of Product [2021-Present]

AkitaBox is all about managing facilities through software. It’s profitable SaaS company with large medical, educational, and construction clients. As the Product Manager at AkitaBox it’s my job to make sure we are building the right things. In a startup, prioritization should be top priority. You have limited resources and every ticket in JIRA counts.

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Vendovi Partners / Product Management Consulting [2019-Present]

Sometimes you need an outsider to find the blindspots. Business is all about problem solving and balancing the needs of every stakeholder involved. How do you know what tradeoffs to make? Vendovi Partners specializes in a data-first approach to defining priorities. Our extensive and diverse range of experience can help any business become more efficient so it can focus on its core values and strengths.

Are you using the best tools for the job? Is it time for a fresh process? Or maybe you just need help taking an idea to market. Whether it’s a backpack, a healthcare app, or an enterprise communication platform… Vendovi has helped bring it to life.

ADx Healthcare / ​Senior Product Manager [2018-2019]

ADx Healthcare specializes in Alzheimer’s DNA services. They provide consumer DNA testing as well as brain autopsies for a definitive diagnosis. As Product Manager for ADx it was job to lead the development team as they create a platform for users to purchase their tests and review their results provided by physicians and DNA sequencing labs. Responsibilities also included marketing, product design, and customer support.

ADx Healthcare


Jetty / ​Founder & CEO [2014-2018]

We developed Jetty to serve clients in times of crisis. It required high availability and ease of use. Our clients included BP, Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil, The City of Houston, NASA, US Army, US Coast Guard, and many others. Jetty was a complex enterprise application running on AWS.

I did the user stories, wire-framing, funding, hiring, led development (agile/scrum), sales & marketing, training, support, and global implementations. After 4 years Jetty was very profitable and I sold my equity to my partner for a slower pace of life.


Mossyrock / ​Founder [2011 – 2019]

Mossyrock focused on solving problems for organizations. We met with clients to identify their needs and used modern technology combined with quality design work to

help them better compete in their markets. We developed numerous websites and apps for a wide range of clients.

For Mossyrock to succeed I needed to manage complex projects and show clients a positive ROI on the projects through analytics.

Hempler’s | Brand Refresh and Web Development
Porter & York | Branding, Product Development, Web Development
Jetty | App Development + Branding/Website





PIER Systems / Customer Success | ​Product Manager [2004 – 2011]

PIER Systems was developed to handle communications after a major gas pipeline explosion. I was hired to help implement and train for the US Coast Guard after it decided to use PIER nationwide. During my time at PIER my roles included: Customer support, training, sales engineer, UI/UX developer, and guiding the product roadmap by translating user stories into features and enhancements.

During the BP Oil Spill of 2010 I was managing online communications from New Orleans. I also worked extensively with the USCG during major hurricanes.




Western Washington University [1997 – 1999]

While at WWU I explored a wide range of including German, history, and even lasers and holography. Naturally drawn to technology and problem solving I left school to explore the world and get involved in startups.

Torchbearers International [1996 – 1997]
After graduating High School I attended a faith-based school in Germany and England. While there I spent time traveling around Europe and developed many lifelong friendships with people from around the world.

After attending Torchbearer schools for a year I worked at their center in New Zealand for two and half years.


  • Developed a communication platform used by the USCG, US Army, NASA, and ExxonMobil and many other large organizations.
  • Built a company taking it from concept to over $1.3M in ARR in less than four years.
  • Secured funding and valuable partnerships.
  • Closed individual enterprise sales worth over $1M.
  • Developed solid teams built for growth with a positive and productive work environment.
  • Spent roughly four years living abroad in Europe, the UK, and New Zealand as well has having spent time in Mexico and Zambia.
  • Raising three amazing children with my wonderful wife.


  • Scrum Certified
  • Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Slack, Teams
  • Microsoft Suite, Google Suite
  • HMTL, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP
  • Learning new things
  • Doing hard things
  • Teamwork + Empathy


  • Family 🙂
  • History, Politics, Science, and Travel
  • Hiking/Backpacking/Camping
  • Staring at mountains and water