A brushfire kills 71 in Australia
Hitler threatens to annihilate the Jewish race
Civil war breaks out in Spain
Grapes of Wrath is released
Amelia Earhart is declared dead
The Wizard of Oz is released
Hitler invades Poland..

It was a rough year.. to say the least..

Somewhere in the midst of the chaos some guy decided what the world really needed was some root beer.

80 years later.

I sit on my deck in the sun and somehow take note of the year 1939 on the bottle of my ice cold Frostie root beer.

What new hopes will rise from the ashes of 2020 and live on? What new businesses will be created?

frostie root beer

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to have my eye’s opened. I watched in horror as Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down. With a broken heart I read about the death of Breonna Taylor. And of course, George Floyd.

But my journey didn’t start there. Under Obama’s administration I remember stories and discussions about racism. It seemed that to a lot of people Obama’s presidency, instead of truly ending racism, was actually making it worse. How could this be?

I started digging in. Since a child I was always fascinated by the Civil War, but sadly that education ended with Reconstruction. I rectified that. I came to the brutal realization that Reconstruction never actually happened. It was cancelled by racists. The deep wounds of slavery were never even close to being healed. They were never intended to be. Its effects are being felt on a daily basis by too many Americans.

I believe it’s time to revisit Reconstruction. While I realize there is nothing that can really make up for the damage caused by slavery and its racist aftermath, doing nothing is not an option.

I hope and pray that this reparation campaign sweeps across the country and begins a new era of reconstruction and healing.

The Genie has escaped.

I’ve spent nearly my entire working hours in the public information arena. I worked for a company called PIER (Public Information and Emergency Response) for about 6 years, and started my own marketing firm, and started my own crisis communication company. is truth dead

What have we done? I’ve always been an advocate for being the “first and best source” of information. I’ve always advocated for the Internet as a powerful tool for truth and information. I remember the days when people wouldn’t trust anything if “Internet” was used as part of the citation. I argued endlessly about the validity of tools such as Wikipedia. Did I help create this mess?

And yet, there were dark forces a foot. For whatever reason a certain group in our Country decided that Obama was nothing but lies. There was some sort of lying cabal trying to take our freedom. Meanwhile we watched as the news organizations struggled to transition from print to digital. Their revenue models became dependent upon eyes and clicking ads. The headlines because more sensational as each pandered to their audience. More and more news organizations sprouted up because it was as simple as starting a website. More partisan than ever. Why not give the people what they want?

The days of a few news organizations doing the morning and nightly news were gone. News was 24/7 now so the need to fill those hours brought in crazier and crazier stories.

2016. Enter the entertainer. Donald Trump was the Tea Parties dream come to life. The ideal candidate to stick it to the man and drain the swamp. Something new, different, refreshing in a strange sort of way. He just said whatever he wanted. That’s good right? As long as he stuck to the correct policies.. who cares what he tweets.

The perfect storm of misinformation arrived. Up was down, left was right. I discovered terms like “gaslighting”. Lies so blatant they make you question your own reality. “No body is perfect”. The sort of truth that somehow justifies everything. He stole a cookie, I stole the whole jar, we are both crooks, whatever.

Pandemic. Suddenly the need for trust and Government to be high functioning bodies of truth is more important than ever. We need clear guidance so we can all do the right thing. Hard decisions need to be made. But, there is no integrity to be found. How can you make and implement policy when no one believes you? Disaster. Body counts climb. What do we do? Masks no masks? Who can we trust? No one. Everyone is an expert.

Gone are the days of being skeptical of the Internet. Everyone is encouraged to do their own homework. You are the epidemiologist how. You are the Dr. You are the economist. You make the tough decisions not just for your family, but for those in your invisible infection radius. You don’t believe in the virus so you hug your elderly neighbor. They die. Or they don’t die. Maybe they visit a friend, and they die. You’ll never know really. Even if you find out.. they had an underlying condition. They were recovering from cancer. They died alone, in quarantine.

Policy comes from making tough decisions based upon truth. In the words of Herod to Jesus, “What is Truth?”.